Linux Libraries Updates

  • ldd — check which libraries a specific program file is using
  • ldconfig — rebuilds the library cache after adding or removing libraries
    • includes both changing the content of the library directories and adding/removing directories
    • [ -v ] displays verbose information (summaries of what’s going on)
    • [ -N ] causes ldconfig to not perform its primary duty of updating the library cache
    • [ -n ] causes ldconfig to update the links contained in the directories specified
    • [ -X ] is the opposite of -N causing ldconfig to update the cache but not manage links
    • [ -f + conffile ] change the configuration file from /etc/ to specified conffile
    • [ -C + cachefile ] change the cache file that ldconfig creates
    • [ -r + dir ] tells ldconfig to treat dir as if it were the root directory
    • [ -p ] causes ldconfig to display the current cache
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