Foot-hold: Remote Code Execution, through Metasploit

This Optimum box took all of about 15 seconds after I discovered the service that was running. It’s at the bottom of the screenshot.

The first exploit that came up was a python script that didn’t reveal anything. It looked like it ran, but I have no idea what it was doing to the target machine. There was no reverse shell sent back to my listener. I may explore that one in more detail at a later time.

All of the exploits I found were for CVE 2014-6287. Since the scripts weren’t working, I went ahead and used Metasploit to see if I could run the same CVE vulnerability for a proof of concept.

Using this site, I ran the exploit and was in pretty quickly. As you can see, I’m kostas instead of root.

As I have mentioned, I’m going to concentrate on foot-holds instead of privilege escalation for now, unless I see something very interesting. For this box, I’ll mark it as one to come back to at a later time.



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