Status Report 20211004


The Journey Continues…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve revisited my website. I’ve been continuing to learn, hack, play, tinker, and do whatever else I can find. My journey to the OSCP goal has taken an alternative route, but I see it as a great one. When I started that journey, I was in a job where I had some free time, and planned to take 30 days to simply take the course (complete all the OSCP labs), and finish up the certification. Since then, I’ve found myself in a much more demanding job and can’t aford to take the 30 days required to give at least 40 hours a week to only hacking. As a result, I continue to hack on the "Hack The Box" system, and persue more obtainable goals related to the time that I can dedicate.

Currently, I’m working on my CISSP which is a very well rounded certification for IT. What I’ve found is that it contains a ton of snippets from almost every category of my interests, and it’s a ton of fun reading up on the intriquite details of each. I picked up a book about a week ago and have already read it twice. My current job gives me access to a ton of practice tests and those are a blast to do as well.

So what has become my new plan? Well, it’s simple. I know that in about a year, I will have the full 30 days that I want to dedicate my complete time and attention to the OSCP course; so I will be holding off on signing up for it till then. In the meantime, however, I will go ahead and get a few of the certs that were on my mind starting with the CISSP.

In addition, I’ll continue to master the HTB challenges. I tend to go for the ones that are still "Live" so it’s actually against the rules for me to post my hacks until after the box is archived. So I’ll go ahead and keep my notes, and then post them at the appropriate time.

I will mention that it’s never a bad thing to find a different path to your goals. In my case, I’ll continue to learn while enjoying my current job and the appropriate certs that I can afford with my time. I don’t consider it a failure of any sort; it’s only a modification of the time in which I will still achieve my goal.

So with that, I continue to invite you to join me on this journey. If you’re going after your OSCP, and following this BLOG, please continue to do so as you will probably pick up some great tips and tricks, as well as be able to see my fun side projects.

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