The Petting Zoo – CTF


The Las Vegas local hacking group, DC702, will be hosting a Capture The Flag (CTF) event at Creech Air Force Base to promote cyber education. Presenters include intelegence professionals who will describe worldly hacks and the orginizations from which they originate. This post describes the thoughtful process that went into creating the various challenes that will be used for the challenges.

Plesae note that our experts use this daily, and this post is intended to give its audience a basic understanding of Docker and how systems can be developed using it.

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BitBlaze Transactions – save costs


BitBlaze was costing me over $65/month when storage is so cheap… why?

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BackBlaze is an amazing off-site storage solution. Keep in mind that when you set this up, you should encrypt your files from the source before uploading them to backblaze. TrueNAS makes this extremely easy to do using "Cloud Sync Tasks" under the Tasks menu. After creating a BackBlaze account, create a B2 bucket. Then, add an API to it that can be used in your TrueNAS system. You can use those APIs under the "Cloud Credentials" menu located under the System tab.

After configuring your backups, you need to know that there are costs involved. To do transactions (upload your files), your system will be using certain API calls. These calls are recorded and charged. This writeup will explain how I found out that these transactions were costing me more money than I accounted for.

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