SQL Injection

HTB – Sneaky – FH: SQLI

Foot-hold: SQL Injection

This box is going to make me do some learning! It was extremely basic in the scans, and didn’t reveal hardly anything. NMAP only showed port 80, and gobuster showed a folder called /dev. Those were two things that could easily be put together to give a hint as to the way forward.

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HTB – Cronos – FH: DNS, then SQL Injection

Foot-hold: DNS, then SQL Injection

NMAP shoed a few ports for http, DNS, and SSH.
I wanted to go ahead and check for any exploits for Apache. Turns out that a lot of these Hack The Box ‘boxes’ run the same Apache. So I’ve seen this dance before. I can confirm that I can GET, POST, etc to the Apache server… but I haven’t been able to exploit this so far. The google search for Apache 2.4.18 revealed an attack called Optionsblee that I’ve seen before.

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HTB – Bastard – FH: Drupalgeddon2

Foot-hold: Remote Code Execution with Drupalageddon2

Nmap showed a few ports open, but it was obvious that the website was to be exploited for this box. The website shows a Drupal install.

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THM – Simple CTF

Tonight, I decided to go into a CTF box. I’ve been watching tons of CTF videos by John Hammond and The Cyber Mentor, so it was a logical step in trying to pwn a new box on Try Hack Me.

The tutorial was rather vague. I wasn’t sure why it was asking about port 1000 in since NMAP was only showing other ports. For that question of how many services were running on port 1000, I simply took a guess and got it right.

To start owning the box, I did the standard NMAP and Directory scanning. The Gobuster results were fairly quick, and showed a directory that reveiled a service being run called CMS Made Simple. It was pretty easy to find an exploit… I googled “exploit CMS made simple.” This reveiled the CVE number, and a python script.

The python script (after making it executable) had some errors. It turns out that I didn’t have some required imports for the script. After a pip install, it actually ran.

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