My TCM course is just about complete. I have about an hour left from the over twenty four hours that were offered. Every second of that course has been awesome, and I’m looking forward to more content from Heath Adams. That said, I wanted to mention my technique when it comes to the end of courses. I’ve used this my entire life, and it really helps to solidify the things that you’ve learned.

This week, I plan to grab all of my notes (around 69 pages worth) and apply them to this website. You probably have noticed that there are two parts to this webpage… the Blog, and the Quick Reference materials. I want to start to build a more logical flow for the information that I’ve encapsulated. I am constantly referencing to find syntax, and explanations; I can only do this because I write everything on the site. I don’t feel that any wayfarers would find it organized enough to quickly find what they need. Therefore, I plan to truly separate sections into the different stages of hacking. I certainly don’t mind the techniques being listed at the end of the quick-reference, but anything before that needs to be in the order in which you would pen test.

With this goal in mind, I will go through all of those notes that I mentioned and place the material appropriately. I have no doubt that I’ll be adding a ton of content as well. When I’m done with the week, or maybe two depending on how many rabbit holes I go down, I think that my understanding of the material will be cemented. It’s been so much fun on the first round of the material… I guarantee that the second round will be even more exciting. Can’t wait!

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