For anyone out there that’s looking a way to expand their knowledge, and learn more about whatever, I encourage you to search for a group that will challenge you!

I have been looking for a group for several years to no avail… until now. I’ve used all of the apps that are supposed to connect you by keywords and interests, and have always been hit by a dead-end. I’ve tried to meet up with groups through various networking that are supposed to hit the interests, but they always fall short.

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Status Report 20210801

So it’s been a couple months now, and I’m feeling great about everything that I’ve accomplished. I started out just going after every challenge that I could find, and mostly, I was able to accomplish success.

Shortly into my journey, I realized that I would have much better success with my learning if I were to separate tasks. I have been at the learning game for my entire life, always seeking more knowledge on everything that I do; and I’ve learned a few things about how learning can be best accomplished.

For the task of learning more about hacking, it would be the easy button to go ahead and pwn each box from start to finish. Do the scans, find the foot-hold, get in, then privilege escalate based on some further enumeration. That, however, is not the right answer if you want to get the maximum amount of learning out of each task! Therefore, I separated my learning into compartments that will yield a much greater result.

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The Perfect Importance

I lied a bit in my previous post. I said that my next step after finishing a course in hacking was to organize my notes, and change this website so that it reflects them. The past week, I did quite a bit opposite to that!

After looking at my notes, I got very much interested in learning more. So much so, that I begin two more courses. One was in Web Application Testing, and the other was in Windows Privilege Escalation. I just couldn’t stop learning! The right answer was to do what I described in the previous paragraph, but something just led me to absolutely wanting to know more. I couldn’t stand the fact that there was so much more knowledge out there to learn. In perusing these new courses, I learned a lot, but still needed to take a step back.

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Strategy from Here

My TCM course is just about complete. I have about an hour left from the over twenty four hours that were offered. Every second of that course has been awesome, and I’m looking forward to more content from Heath Adams. That said, I wanted to mention my technique when it comes to the end of courses. I’ve used this my entire life, and it really helps to solidify the things that you’ve learned.

This week, I plan to grab all of my notes (around 69 pages worth) and apply them to this website. You probably have noticed that there are two parts to this webpage… the Blog, and the Quick Reference materials. I want to start to build a more logical flow for the information that I’ve encapsulated. I am constantly referencing to find syntax, and explanations; I can only do this because I write everything on the site. I don’t feel that any wayfarers would find it organized enough to quickly find what they need. Therefore, I plan to truly separate sections into the different stages of hacking. I certainly don’t mind the techniques being listed at the end of the quick-reference, but anything before that needs to be in the order in which you would pen test.

With this goal in mind, I will go through all of those notes that I mentioned and place the material appropriately. I have no doubt that I’ll be adding a ton of content as well. When I’m done with the week, or maybe two depending on how many rabbit holes I go down, I think that my understanding of the material will be cemented. It’s been so much fun on the first round of the material… I guarantee that the second round will be even more exciting. Can’t wait!

Good in the World

I’ve been thinking about some of the contributions that I’ve made to people’s lives, and I wanted to share them here. My hope is that anyone reading this would think about the motives behind why I did these things, and perhaps incorporate the good intentions into their lives.

Last week, I was contacted by text by a cousin. The message was simple: “I don’t know anything about computers, and you do.” He has a 13 year old son who was looking into getting a gaming PC, but the budget was only five hundred dollars. He asked for a twenty minute call with his son to talk about options in the confines of his budget. Needless to say, this was going to be a very difficult task.

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Weekly Blog Now

Due to the increased workload of my full time job, and the city opening back up from the covid crisis, I’m going to make a new goal for myself to accomplish ‘at least’ one post per week.

I plan to incorporate all of the hacking and research that I’ve done throughout the week, but it may make for some longer posts.

Train Your Admins

In my full-time job, this week has been a plethora of lessons learned. The story I tell here applies to anyone that is in charge of networks… or more importantly, your admins on that network.

Earlier this week, I received a disturbing email letting me know that certain services were down on our network. Specifically, some vital web pages used for specific things were not working, and troubleshooting was taking place. The webpages in question were owned by a particular shop of mine that was in the middle of development for a project that was about six months in the works.

Normally, this would not be an issue because I have several network and system admins in charge of troubleshooting situations just like this. The problem was that the development server was configured a bit different than the other normal servers. In this case, both IIS (Windows Web Server) and XAMPP (Linux Web Server) were installed on the same machine to test which platform was the most useful for this developer. The decision was made by that team to go ahead with XAMPP; however, IIS was still installed and on by default.

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After last week, I thought this might be a good time to mention what my priorities are throughout this journey.  As is with everything, priorities can change… but i think they’ll hold though for quite a while.

  1. Family
  2. Work (full-time)
  3. Courses
  4. Blogging
  5. YouTube / Twitch

Last week, starting on Tuesday, the week turned into a whirlwind.  I wasn’t able to space out my time enough to get to blogging, so I purposefully let it drop off of my crosscheck for the entire week.  

It actually feels good sometimes when you can completely take something off your plate, simply because you’ve already prioritized. I have done this plenty in my life and career, and it will hold true now.  

If you are going through a similar journey as I am, I encourage you to use this same technique.  You don’t have to define every priority in your life, only the ones that pertain to what you are trying to accomplish.  As an example, I have a fish tank… I love it, but it has nothing to do with learning to be a professional hacker; therefore, it doesn’t make the list!

Having your priorities lined out will help you enjoy the journey so much more… when you get some spare time, you can go back and take care of those things that had to drop off.

I just though this would be relevant right about now.

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